Cold Springs Ranch: On The Way Home, Saturday April 5, 2003

On The Way Home, Saturday April 5, 2003

This morning started off pretty rough. I got woke up a couple of times around 5:00 and 6:00 am by thunderstorms. Considering I didn't go to bed until 2:00 am, I am not running at full speed today. I had to get up and head off to Asheville to get my truck serviced. While I was there, the storms and clouds blew away, leaving a beautiful spring day.

I took these next couple of shots on my way home from Asheville Saturday afternoon. Although the area I live in is not ALL picturesque (in fact the nice parts are disappearing so quickly it's scary) there are a few places I can aim my camera and still get a nice scene. All of these where taken from my truck as I was driving so you will see a little bit of blur along the bottom or a bit of windshield or hood in the shoots. I was in a hurry to get home, but the scenes where irresistible.

Some of the farms along the way...

... this end of the county used to be all cattle and dairy country. Now there are just a few "big" (big for in the mountains) farms left.

.. I want to stop and get better shots of all of these in better light.

The barn up the hollow is one of my favorite places.

This is an old farm that is abandoned down at the bottom of the mountain from the Ranch. One of the barns and many of the out buildings are log...

The creek from yesterdays page, but in a different light.

A barn about half way up the mountain. You can see more shots of this barn on the March 3, 2002 page from last year.

Made it...

...home. The dogs have been cooped up all day so I take them on a walk...

... we walk across the Hay Meadow and up the hill towards the cemetery. Here's what the house looks like from here.

Looking up towards Ore Knob. The sun has set way behind it.

Sugar is enjoying seeing me again. She comes and sits down beside me.

We head back, taking the long way home though the laurel (rhododendron) thicket. This place can be a little spooky at night. Just up the creek from here is where I heard the Mountain Lion last year

Sugar walking up the creek drinking.

As we come back to the house the sun is setting...

... as the sun sets...

the clouds briefly show some color.

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