Cold Springs Ranch

  Ranchcam Notes

{Ranchcam} My web camera faces directly south and will get a little washed out during the middle of the day as the sun shines almost directly into it. This camera is also looking through two panes of glass so you may also see interior light reflected into the image. Also, as with most electronic cameras the exposure level can't really handle light and dark areas at the same time. So I have to choose whether to let you see the field and the sky is washed out, or let you see the sky and the field appears dim. I try to strike a balance between the two, but most of the time that means neither look as they really do.

  • If you see a black picture, it's dark outside!
  • If you see a grainy, grayish picture, the light level is low and it's either dawn, dusk, or very overcast.
  • If you see a white picture, it's probably because the Ranch is fogged in. You may want to go to the other webcams link to see if it's only the Ranch!
  • If you see a reddish band or streak running vertically through the image, it's usually caused by clouds that are illuminated by the sun and overwhelm the camera with their brightness.
  • If the image has not refreshed in a while, try pressing the "Refresh" or "Reload" button on your browser. If that doesn't help then my server is down, the satellite is having trouble, or the HughesNet Network Operations Center is having trouble and I'm unable to broadcast a new image.

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