Cold Springs Ranch: Late Trip Home, Wednesday April 9, 2003

Late Trip Home, Wednesday April 9, 2003

Another rainy day. Since it's supposed to snow tomorrow and Friday, I had to go into town to the vet, bank, and get groceries.

I know, I know, not again! It's just such a tempting target as I drive down the mountain. With the rain, the stream is a little fuller today.

Looking down Main Street in Waynesville. They have all the light poles wrapped in Easter colored ribbons. Waynesville's Main St. is a nice place to visit. I spent a few minutes walking down the street and checking out the usual shops. I did resist the bakery today though...

On the way back home through the gloom and rain, a Church is lit up with Wednesday night services

As I go further up the mountain, I start climbing towards the clouds. They are hanging low on the mountain tops. Here's the barn from Saturday, but at twilight....

The clouds have swallowed the mountain above the barn. It's 39 degrees and raining. Before long, I'm up in the clouds too...

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