Cold Springs Ranch: Another Perfect Day, Thursday April 3, 2003

  Another Perfect Day, Thursday April 3, 2003

Another perfect day, at least with the weather is I mean. I took a few minutes out of the day to walk around my property.

Here's a perspective I don't show very often.

Sugar and I are up at my Hammock in the Woods. I relax here for a few minutes.

Here's the view out my office window during the middle of the day. A completely different different look than what you get through the RanchCam, huh?

Yet another image of my house from this classic perspective. I know I've done a million of theses. A least this one looks more realistic with the new camera.

A view from the top of my hill looking out towards the loading shoot and the pond.

Timber listening to all the birds in the undergrowth at the Bog. I'll have to make and expedition into it one day to get some pictures.

There is just a touch of snow left today. Of course it is 70 DEGREES! Snow is only left in the shadows...

...or where it was really deep.

After I make it back to the house I sit on the porch swing for a while. The weather is extremely comfortable...

... so is the evening. I test the capabilities of my new camera by getting this shot of the setting moon.

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