Cold Springs Ranch: Winter to Spring, April 2, 2003

  Winter to Spring, April 2, 2003

I got a little carried away taking pictures today. For those of you with dial up connection, it may take a while to download all of these. There are 35 pictures on this page!

Here's the way it looked off my kitchen porch at about 9:00 this morning. I ate breakfast out here in a t-shirt this morning

By 1:00 this was about all that was left. The temperature was up to 65!

When I heard that it was supposed to get cold last Saturday I was worried because all my blue berries were starting to bud and leaf out. So, I loaded the ones that I hadn't planted yet and pulled them into the garage. With the cold over, I pulled them back out into the sun...

... where they will have leaves and blooms in no time.

Not much snow left on the house.

I took Timber and Sugar out for a walk.

Timber back on the porch. His left eyelid is looking much better after having surgery to remove a growth.

This time of year, even a Dandelion looks beautiful.

The ferns under the front yard hemlock are starting to perk up. These where completely buried just this morning.

The blooms on my Mountain Pieris (Pieris floribunda) survived the snow and cold mostly unscathed. I don't think I've mentioned it here that I'm doing all my landscaping with native plants. Besides looking like they belong here, another benefit is that they are well adapted to this climate.

This was the first bee I've see this year. This Bumble Bee is feeding on the nectar of the Mountain Pieris

The wreath of Pussy Willows on my front door.

Told you so. The last sentence on my March 30th entry said "I bet I'm mowing my yard in a T-Shirt by Thursday!!!". Well I got to do it by Wednesday. Notice there is still a little snow in the lower meadow down next to the creek...

... but it is so warm that I have my warm weather hat on for the first time this year!

A few shots after I finished...

... I can't get over the difference a few days make.

Timber and Sugar where enjoying the afternoon too. Here they are loving on each other...

... and playing with each other.

I decided to go up to Ore Knob above the house. Here's my gate next to the loading shoot.

I found these flowers right next to the loading shoot. A Daffodil and Periwinkle?

The following are images are of the sunset this afternoon from Ore Knob. Most of these pictures will speak for themselves...

While I was busy taking pictures. I looked over and saw that Timber was enjoying the sunset too! Really!

After the sun sets, the mountains are still spectacular.

Like I said, a nice day. I'm still in my T-shirt.

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