Cold Springs Ranch: Spring Snow Storm, March 30, 2003

  Spring Snow Storm, March 30, 2003

The flatland calendar says it's Spring, but Mother Nature has made the point that that calendar is not the mountain calendar. Everyone seems shocked by todays snow, but it is normal.

By the time I went out for a walk around 5:30 pm there was ...

.... 14" of snow on the ground!

The snow is stacking up!

Piles of it on the house

The snow was piled up around the garage too.

Timer and Sugar where glad to be out of the house and in their native environment!

Timber is very, very happy.

Sugar is in a little over her head!

What a pair.

Looking back at the house from the hay meadow. Looks a little wintery today, huh?

A very, very happy Sugar!

Timber is running out to the loading shoot.

This was deep. Timber is having to struggle to get through.

I spotted this rare Siberian Fox hunting on the ridge line.

Weeeeeeeee..... Sugar comes sliding down the hillside.

We walk on around my hill. Every single twig has a huge pile of snow on it.

I went down to the falls. The Hemlocks around the falls had caught most of the snow.

A huge Hemlock trunk is to the left out of frame, one of it's lower braches is almost touching the creek. A beautiful, peaceful place.

We head back towards the house. The trail the dogs have made ahead of me seems to glow from within. It looks like there is a layer of snow on the bottom that is whiter than the snow on top.

A loaded Balsam

I set the camera on the porch handrail post to get a photo of me before we go in. I look a little frosty.

Well, its time to go to bed.. You know how they always show those houses on the Christmas TV shows with their spayed on Hollywood snow. Well this is for real! ...

... These are the front dormer windows above my bed. It really does looks like winter! But, I bet I'm mowing my yard in a T-Shirt by Thursday!!! Anyway, time for bed. I'll fall asleep listening to the snow getting blasted against the glass of the windows. As of 11:00 pm it's still snowing outside. Wonder how much I'll wake up to in the morning.

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