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Mike's Most Used Weather Links

Here are some of my most used Weather Links. I use these each and every day. These sites help me keep tabs on what is going on and what will go on with the weather.

  Weather Underground: Local Satellite

Weather Underground (the weather service, not the activist organization of the '60's) is my most used weather site and the Local Satellite link is the one I use the most. It combines satellite cloud pictures with Radar to produce a very informative picture of what is happing and going to happen in your area. To be most useful, make sure the Radar checkbox is checked to put the Radar in and press the Play button to make it run the loop.

The link I've provided is centered on the Ranch, but you can move it anywhere. The interface is fairly straight forward and easy to use once you use is a few times.

GEOS-8 Visible (for daytime) or GEOS-8 Infrared (for after dark)

These links are to just straight up, or should I say straight down, satellite images of the the North American continent looking from the east. These are really cool and let you see what's happening over the whole continent. The detail is pretty good, on clear days you can see the rivers and lakes across the plains and snow on the Rockies.

The Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has some other great weather products too. Check out some of their other weather data.

Intellicast U.S. Surface  Analysis Loop

Intellicast used to be my favorite site before I discovered Weather Underground. The surface analysis loop shows a composite of satellite cloud images, radar, and the computer generated front boundaries, all moving in a loop. Very helpful. The surface analysis loop and the 10 day forecast are usually the part you wait to see on your local TV weather forecast. Why wait for the 6:00 news?

Intellicast 10-day Forecast

The Intellicast 10-day Forecast is sometimes handy when you want to see what the current computer models say will be happening in you local area. Of course, the further out from the current day the forecasts is for, the higher the chance of it to change.

The link above is for the Cataloochee, NC forecast. The Intellicast forecast for Cataloochee is about the closest match to the Ranch as they offer. It is about 16 miles south of the Ranch and at about the same elevation so the temperature forecasts are correct.

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