Cold Springs Ranch: A Big Valentine Snow, Sunday February 12, 2006

February 12, 2006 - A Big Valentine Snow

After only having a bunch of little 2" snows and couple of 4" and 6" snows, we've finally had our first big one this year. At the time I took these pictures we had about 16". It's still snowing and is supposed to snow through the night and on into tomorrow. Its been in the low teens since yesterday, so needless to say it will be deeper tomorrow.


Blazing a trail. Here's a view of my truck tracks looking back towards the corral.

Some of the drifts were up over my chest, which would be about 4 1/2 feet deep.

A drift as wrapped itself around this little pine.

It's snowing hard as I look down towards the creek that feeds the pond. The wind is 15-20 mph and is blowing most of the snow out of the trees.

Here, in a protected hollow, the wind hasn't blown as much of the snow out of the trees.

Heading back down towards the house.

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