Cold Springs Ranch: Christmas "Blizzard" from Friday, December 24, 1999

These are a few snapshots from video I took on Thursday, December 24, 1999

I came to cleanup around the house, but got caught in a Blizzard instead. It was snowing so hard and fast that I was afraid I would get stuck at the house over night. It snowed about 2 inches in 1 hour! The snow was drifting really bad. There where 1 foot drifts in the driveway and all this really only started when I arrived. So, I had leave early to make sure I could get out and not miss the Christmas dinner! Mom would have killed me!

{house through the snow}.

{house snow}

It was snowing so hard you could barely see the house.

{house snow}


{timber looking out the window}

Timber looking out the window

{timber giving me the look}

Timber giving me one of his cute looks

{tiber walking in snow}

It was snowing so hard Timber couldn't see either.

{frosted Tundra}

Getting ready to head out. Timber is always ready to ride.

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