Cold Springs Ranch: A Snowy November Day, November 17, 2002

A Snowy November Day, November 17, 2002

Well, we've started to getting a few snows. This is a few shots of Timber and Sugar out and about on a late snowy November evening.

Timber looking up at me saying "Quit filming and lets go!"

Sugar wanting to play too.

Another shot of Timber looking handsome.

Here he's coming to see what Sugar is up too..

... she's been stalking up on him!

A few shots of the house....

.... the little bit of snow makes everything nice.

Timber and Sugar are out mouse hunting in the fields...

... I think they have one cornered.

We walked out to the gate...

... and then headed back to the house.

A magical tree. Our ancestors thought there had to be something unnatural about a tree that blooms in the snow, and that is reflected in its name, Witchhazel. It starts blooming, beautiful, delicate flowers in late October. This one is beside my garage.

I put this picture in so that you can see how thick and warm Timbers' coat is. It varies from about 1 to 3 inches thick, Snow doesn't melt on him. As he turns his head you can see a little part in the coat. Very thick and soft.

Timber watching Sugar out in the yard.

Sugar is not really wanting to go back inside

A cold, snowy, foggy Novembers day.

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