Cold Springs Ranch: Home at last, the week of October 14, 2000

Home at Last - Week of October 14, 2000

Well the time has finally come...

Although there is much work still left to do, with the floors finally finished, I'm finally able to move what little furniture I have in. It is nice. This has been a long hard process and unfortunately I'm not finished yet. So, as tempting as it is to relax, every evening and weekend still has to be spent working on the house and the landscaping.

{timber asleep in living room}
{Timber asleep in living room 2}

Timber taking a snooze in his new house


The kitchen is finally finished. Well almost, besides being very undecorated we still need to put the final molding underneath the cabinets.

{dining room}

The dinning room. I have my eye on a certain new dining room table.

{living room from dining room}

Living room. A little sparse.

{living room from dining room 2}

As planned I can cook and watch TV at the same time!

{short description of image}

Cool fern fossil tile in the kitchen backsplash.

{living room from bedroom}

View of the living room from my bed

living room from loft}
{short description of image}

The living room

{timber in living room}

Timber thinking, "Hasn't this guy take enough video yet?".

{short description of image}

My office window.

{frosted garage}

There was a heavy frost on the house and garage this morning. Here the sun has melted most of it off.

{short description of image}

Some frosted leaves

{leaved behind house}

The trees behind the house are still beautiful. Although washed out in this video.

{view from top}

The view from the mountain top.

{Timber flying}

Timber flying though the air, chasing a mouse he ran out the hollow log.

{sunset 1}

Another great sunset over the Smokies.. going...

{Sunset 2}

... going ...

{Sunset 3}

... gone. Just extreme quite and stillness left.

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