Cold Springs Ranch: Some pictures of Fall, the week of October 7, 2000

Some images of Fall - Week of October 7, 2000

Here are some pictures from around the house and the ranch. I'm camping out at the house full time now so I'm able to get many more pictures. Getting them on the website is another matter

Early morning fog in the front "yard" (i.e. field)

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A great morning! This is one of those mornings that is in between. This morning is both late, late, summer and early, early fall.

A goldenrod glistening with dew. I took this and the previous pictures while Timber and I where on our morning walk.

The house this morning.

I looked up from desk an saw these three deer out the window. Luckily I had my camera handy this time

Unfortunately I think I got to close to the window and the deer ran back up in the woods.

A view of the pond and barn

The trees around the house are starting to turn.

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Timber looking out at the fall day.

Its hard to concentrate on work today. The great fall weather outside is very distracting.

Dad came up this weekend (and just about every other weekend!) to work on the house. We decided to go on a walk.

Here we are near the creek in front of the house.

The leaves are just about at their peak!

Dad and I check out the Mountain Holly I discovered over hanging the creek.

The Beech tree next to my gate is spectacular.

Dad and I take in the sights and smells of fall.

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