Cold Springs Ranch: Putting up railing, the week of September 9, 2000

Putting up railing, Week of September 9, 2000

We are moving on to some of the final touches now. This week we took the raw lumber and planed it, thanks Randy! Then I carved the corners of the posts and we figured out all the proportions of the railing dimensions.

One thing that made this whole job tough is that there are no nails in any of the railing. We did it all with dowels and pegs so there's no nail holes. Just like so many things on this house everything being natural wood made the construction harder. Normally carpenters just shoot everything full of nails then paint over it all.

{Chris holding post}

Chris trying to get a post in.. needless to say it's a handful.

{Office II}

I moved my temp office upstairs to get out of the way of the railing construction. One day this is where my office will really be.

{Timber's perch}

Timber loves to sit up high and look down on everything. Soon the only place he'll have to look out unobstructed is down the stairs.

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