Cold Springs Ranch: The work goes on, the week of September 2, 2000

The works go on.... Week of September 2, 2000

A lot has changed since my last entry from July. I now have all the utilities hooked up and after I finally got the gas company to certify my gas lines, water heater, and furnace I got my gas turned on on August 13th.... I started camping out permanently August 14th!

Still a long way to go....

{Loaded Tundra}

Here's a huge truck load of kiln dried lumber that took me 4 weeks to get. Apparently people don't get 6x6 untreated kiln dried lumber very often??? ;) All this had to be unloaded so I could get my truck back.

{Timber sleeping upsidedown}

..while I was unloading the ton of lumber onto the back porch... Timber sacked out on the front porch... He does sleep in some funny positions sometimes!

{Temp Office}

This is my temporary office. Works pretty good. Got the Satellite TV and Internet hooked up sort of temporarily. Working here permanently 7 days a week.

{Dad sowing grass}

Since this is September and I'm running out of time to get my lawn going and I do not want to live through another year of MUD, I got the crew working on leveling, raking, liming, sewing, and strawing all the yard.

{The guys rakeing the yard}

Nick, Chris, and Shawn working hard out in the sun.

{Nick and Shawn stainging}

Caught Nick singing in the Garage! He and Shawn where having way too much fun staining the baseboard.

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