Cold Springs Ranch: My House on August, 27 1999

These are a few snapshots from video I took on Friday, August 27, 1999

I decided to take the time and get some snapshots from my camcorder and show you what's going on. I had to save the jpegs at 75% quality in order to keep the size down (first attempt with 100% made the images 11.5mb!) I took all this video yesterday evening and this afternoon. I hope this is not too much, and hope it doesn't come out like someone's vacation pictures. It's from about 8 minutes of video and I have over 2 1/2 hours worth since they started construction!

Deer going into forest

Yesterday, while almost in view of the house, a deer jumped out in front of me. By the time I got my camera out it was almost in the woods.

Roof of house appears over hill

The house comes into view
View of cabin at end of drive

As you come down my driveway this is what the house looks like (through my dirty windshield)

Cabin underconstruction

From the garage looking back at the left side of the house

{Timber looking off porch}
{View from the front porch}

Timber checking out the view from the front porch.

{Porch rafters}

The porch rafters yesterday.

{Livingroom ceiling}

View of the ceiling when you walk in the front door.

{Loft vedroom dormer}

{Livingroom Dormer}

Upstairs views of my loft bedroom dormer window and the dormer window over the living room

{My shadow on wall}

To show the size of the logs, here's my shadow against them, they are all 8" thick (these are over the fireplace)

{Rightside of house}

Right side of the house. The fireplace will be built in the middle hole on the first floor.

{Kitchen Porch}

The back porches don't have their rafters yet. You can see the kitchen sticking out of the back of the house.

{Garage and house}

Here's the house and garage.


Close-up of a hand hewn log


View of the back of the house from the potential gazebo spot above the house

{Timber on hilltop}

Me and Timber took a walk to my hilltop. You can't really make it out in the photo but the land slopes downward in front of Timber and out to the drive way, then on to the pond.

{Building Porch}

They made quite a bit of progress on the porch roof today. They are starting to cover the roof with T&G.

{Timber howling}

Timber was howling at my brother up on the porch roof


A view of the garage. (It will get log siding soon)

{Fixed log}
{Fixed log}

A view of the fixed log. It's the one under the window opening. The place where it narrows is where the old and new logs meet.

{Log dovetail}

A view of the dovetail end of the new log. It's the one whose top is still white. All the other logs are starting to turn gold.

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