Cold Springs Ranch: An afternoon walk at the Ranch, week of May, 28 2000

These are a few snapshots from video I took on Monday, May 22, 2000

Well there is a lot of work going on at the house, but it isn't very interesting to look at. There's insulation going in, some sheet rock going up, and lots and lots of chinking going on. So... I though I would just show you a nice Spring afternoon at the ranch.


On the way up to the Ranch I got some video of this Rainbow. Like I said a nice Spring afternoon

{Rainbow closeup}

Pretty cool, huh?

{Living room}

There's not much is changing at the house worth showing. Here's the living room from the kitchen.


A truly wired house. Here is a small sample of the thousands of feet of RG-6 Coax and Cat5-E twisted pair cables. I finally got all the connectors in and tested. There are 17 data outlets with 2 RJ-45's and 2 coax connections each. Also had to do the ends where they all meet at the patch panels in the utility room. That's 68 RJ-45 connections and 68 coax connections. It took 3 days of tedious work to get all these labled and working.


I decided to sit for a while on the front porch. Here's what the garage looks like these days. The garage doors are in and working and all the windows and doors are in.

{Driveway view from Porch}

Turning to the left this is the view out the driveway. Timber and I decide to take a walk.


We walk over to the pond. I realize I have't shown much of the rest of the Ranch on my web site, so I'll try to show more of it in the future.

{Timber reflected}

Timber always likes to go for hikes. Here he is reflected in the pond...

{Timber in pond}

...and in the pond. He's watching the fish jump. He thinks its where I've thrown something for him to fetch.

{Timber swiming}

I finally find a stick (they all end up in the pond) and throw it for him to fetch. He's great at fetching, but its hard to get the stick back whole. He chews them up!

{Happy dog}

A happy wet dog.


Here I'm looking across the pond back towards the house.

{Timber walking }

We decide to head back home

{Timber walkin home}
{Heading home}

{Walking home}

As usual, Timber is way ahead of me

{Timber on Gard}

Back at the house, and Timber's on guard watching everything...

{Timber watching me}

...including me.

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