Cold Springs Ranch: It's Spring time at the Ranch, scenes from week of May, 7 2000

These are a few snapshots from video I took on Friday, May 5, 2000

Spring time has finally, at long last, made it to the Ranch! I know my friends down in Atlanta will think I'm crazy. They've been in practically summer for about a month now, but Spring has taken a long time to get to the top of the mountains. This weeks page doesn't show the house. This week I'm celebrating Spring. All the plants and flower's you'll see are native and wild

{Frist Maple leave from my garage window}

Here are the first little maple leaves out my garage's second story window. Last year the maple trees on the Ranch got really hurt when they got most of their leaves frozen in a late frost. I hope they make it this year.

{Wild violets}

Some wild violets

{Spring flowers}

I don't know what this one is, but its got color. Looks good after all the gray's and whites of Winter.


Found these growing along the stream

{May Apples}

A patch of Mayapples. Mayapples will grow a single fruit under its leaf that looks like a green apple. Old timer's still collect some part of these plants to sell for a herbal remedy in China. They used to be able to make some extra money doing this. I don't know what the market is now.


The footbridge isn't covered with ice!

{Waterfall and flowers}

Flowers every where


A fern

{Moss and Flowers}

These flowers where growing in moss.

{Lamb's Tongue Blooms }

A lamb's tongue bloom. It's called lamb's tongue because it's leaves are green with a purple speckled pattern, that looks like the pattern on a lamb's tongue.

{Red Trilliuim}

A red Trillium bloom

{Wild Orchids on tree moss}

Here are some rare wild orchids growing on the moss at the base of a tree.

{White Trilliuim}

A white Trillium bloom

{Lower Falls}

A waterfall pouring into a pool. I stayed here for quite a while. Ahhh...Spring

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