Cold Springs Ranch: Getting Green, April 24, 2002

Getting Green - April 24, 2002

More and more trees are starting to put out little leaves. At this point it looks like Spring is coming about 1 ½ weeks earlier this year. I can't wait.

This is looking out my office window towards the garden this morning. I'm getting Spring Fever.

Here's a closer view of the trees I can see out my office window. There is a lot of color around now as each tree species leaf buds are different colors.

My meadows are getting green. On the far side of the meadow you can see the garden...

.... I haven't planted anything yet since it was frosting just last week, but I will soon.

Off the front porch the trees are starting to get a few leaves...

The Umbrella Magnolia in front of the house is blooming....

... here's a close-up of the flowers. In the fall the tree will have brilliant red cone shaped seed pods. Its a very cool tree.

Dan had his tractor up at the Ranch this week. I used the front-end loader to do a LOT of work around the house this week.

I finally got up the huge oak tree that has been in my field since I broke ground on the house....

... the logs are so big, about 3 feet in diameter, that I had to get my dad's big (22" bar) chain saw and use the tractor to get them up. I just about strained my guts out getting them loaded into the bucket. They must weigh hundreds of pounds each! I've been sore for days after doing that.

A Turkey hen wondered through the field this evening...

... and off in to the woods.

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