Cold Springs Ranch: A Spring Morning Around the House, April 18, 2002

A Spring Morning Around the House - April 18, 2002

At last Spring is really coming to the Ranch. Even though there have been a few frosts lately the leaves are slowly starting to show some signs of stirring.

A beautiful spring morning. Here's a look off my kitchen porch....

.... out towards the meadow.

Here you can see the white blooms on some Service trees (pronounced Sarvis by mountaineers). The trees are native and are the earliest to bloom. They'll have small blueberry like fruit. The berries are quite tasty if you can harvest them. The red blooms are the maples that are starting to flower....

Close-up of a Service tree.

As I turn around to go back in side I figured I would take a few shots (in the daytime!) of the house since I had the camera out. I haven't put any pictures of the house on the web in a while, and when I have they usually are in the winter and after dark! So here is what the house looks like on a spring morning....

The living room from the kitchen doors.

Timber and Sugar are out on the front porch. When we get up in the morning they want to go out and use the bathroom, then they want out on the front porch. From there they can sleep, play, and watch everything going on around the house. They pretty much stay out there all day.

The dining "room". Of course with a great room, you don't really have "rooms".

The kitchen

A maple leaf pennant in the kitchen window over the sink.

Looking back towards the living room from the kitchen.

Closer to the living room

Looking back towards the dining room from the living room.

The fireplace.

I don't think I've put many pictures of my downstairs bedroom on the web. Mostly because it's pretty empty at the moment! I only have a couple of things here. Just an antique chest of drawers...

... and a bed!

Here's the downstairs bathroom. This is the shower and tub...

...the sink...

... the whole thing.

Here's another shot of the great room as I'm going upstairs...

... looking back at the front porch...

... you can see Sugar out grooming herself.

... and lastly, my office. Now to quite taking pictures and get down to work. Although it is hard to work on springs days like this!

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