Cold Springs Ranch: Another Snow Storm, Thursday April 10, 2003

Another Snow Storm, Thursday April 10, 2003

Well, we had another Spring snow storm today. This one was pretty bad for a while. It snowed so hard it was scary. We went from 0" of snow to 10" in 7 hours! That is a hard snowfall. These strange thoughts start going through you head, like, "What if it doesn't stop?"!

It had been a rain snow mix since I got up at 7:00 am. This was taken off the kitchen porch at 8:05 am, the snow is just starting to lay...

... an hour later it looks like this out my office window...

It's coming down. Even though some of the snow is still melting on the ground it's snowing so hard that it's starting to pile up.

Timber and Sugar stay on the porch and watch. Here Timber is in his "Throne" that he's had since we where in Atlanta. From here he sits and watches his domain.

This is starting to look a little too familiar for Spring...

The hemlocks are starting to feel the weight. I start to hear limbs crack out in the forest all around the house. The power finally goes out at 10:00 am.

I let Timber and Sugar out to play while I start up the generator.

An "art" shot of a scene by the garage.

By the time it starts to quit snowing around 3:00 pm we have 10"!!

The power finally comes back on around 6:30. It's warmed up to 33 degrees and the snow is already starting to melt. Now it's drizzling and sleeting at the same time.

I found this rather lost looking creature walking around in circles on the snow.

The Ranch is covered again.

Timber and I head back towards the house, Sugar is off hunting...

... it's starting to get dark and Timber is ready to go home.

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