Cold Springs Ranch: To the Mailbox, Monday April 7, 2003

To the Mailbox, Monday April 7, 2003

Today has been another rainy spring day. About 5:30 I took a break from working and walked the 2/3 of a mile up to the mailbox to get the mail.

Here's what it looks like to my right from my work desk. This is looking from my loft office across the house towards my bed. It was so dark and foggy today I had the lights in the house on all day.

Timber, Sugar, and I head up the trail to the mailbox.

Along the way I see the first wildflowers of the Spring. Here, a yellow violet as pushed through the leaf cover on the forest floor.

Next we see some Lambs Tongue or Trout Lilly. It gets both names from it's speckled leaves. The flowers will be out in a few days.

Here is a mystery plant. This wierd plant grows either in or along the streams. I've only ever seen this here on the Ranch or in the immeadate area. Nobody seems to know what it is.

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