Cold Springs Ranch: A Winter Walk, January 12, 2001

A Winter Morning Walk - Week of January 12, 2001

Timber and I went for a Sunday morning walk. About 3 inches of new snow fell last night. The sky is about a blue as I've ever seen it. Directly over head it is a deep navy blue!

Timber off on a mouse hunt near the cattle loading chute.

The pond has a little bit of snow on it this morning. Usually the wind keeps the ice swept clean.

Looking towards my house from the cemetery. Check out that sky!

You never know what little thing you are going to find. Here, the ice crust mold of this barbed wire has slumped in the sun to produce a copy of the original.

This was a tree up near the cemetery. I don't think I've ever seen sky so blue in my life.

Timber was taking it all in too.

Timber look at the house.

With the perspective of this shot, it looks like Timber is a giant wolf standing outside the house!

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