Cold Springs Ranch: A Winter Morning, January 7, 2002

A Winter Morning, January 7, 2002

Winter has finally arrived at the Ranch. We had a thick fog last night that froze on everything creating hoarfrost. It's been snowing off and on since yesterday. When I woke up this morning it was so beautiful I had to take some video. This video was shot about 8:00 am. At this time of the morning, everything here is a shade of blue. I didn't feel like going out side in the 21 degree cold, so all this is as seen from inside my house.

One of my Frazier Firs is still decorated (and the lights still turned on) from Christmas.

With all the hoarfrost on the tree and the light shining from within, the tree almost looks to wonderful to be real.

Here you can see that the hoar frost is on every thing. Here it is on one of my front porch lights.

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