Cold Springs Ranch: Halloween Party, October 26, 2002

Halloween Party, October 26, 2002

My family and friends had our first annual Halloween party at my house Saturday. We had a great time. Costumes where optional and I was really surprised how many dressed up. Everyone in my aunt Maxine's family wore a costume. They were really great. I really did not recognize my aunt when she came in!

We roasted hot dogs in the fire place, grilled hamburgers, had baked beans, chips, dips, candy! My aunt brought an apple cobbler and coconut cream pie cake. I was about to pop!

We finished off the party by watching Monsters Inc. I think everybody got a kick out of it.

I really didn't recognize my aunt Maxine when she came in. She came as Granny, complete with snuff and spit cup. To her left is my cousin Anita as a hillbilly.

Here's Maxine's whole crew that came. From left to right, Kathy, Tiffany, Adam, Anita, and Maxine.

My sister Leisa having a good time. We are all laughing at the costumes.

My friend Debra and her family came. Here is Debra and here daughter Stephanie

Stephanie came as a Devil. Debra said I all she did was uncover her real horns.

A group photo of almost everyone that wore a costume. I'm in this photo too! I am the black Ringwraith (from Lord of the Rings) in the middle.

Close up of Maxine and her daughter Kathy the Klown.

Leisa just laughing at everyone and taking pictures for everyone else.

Me as a Ring Wraith....

... coming after the camera.

Everybody telling me I should go walking down the road off the mountain dressed like this!

Here Dad and Carol Ann are checking out my bloody sword.

Leisa carved a Jack-O-Lantern for the party.

She did a wolf for me.

Leisa is sticking her tongue out at me to make me quit filming her. Of course that dosn't work!

Everybody has left. We are definitely going to have to do this again next year!

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