Cold Springs Ranch: Bear Tracks, August, 27 1999

Bear tracks from Friday, August 27, 1999

Today the big news was the bear tracks dad found about 100 ft. from the house!

Finding this was a very lucky set of circumstances. It rained day before yesterday and the road here was muddy. The bears just happened to walk through the mud. And Dad just happened to walk down this road and see them before they were washed away. And luckily I had my video camera....

{Bear track}

{Bear track}

{{Bear track}
{Bear track}

It looked like a mother bear and her cub. You rarely get such perfect prints as these.

{Tracks on road}

They had walked down the road from the house to the back of my property. The house is just around the curve in this photo, taken where the tracks where found. My electric line is buried 3 feet below the middle of this road.

{Timber waiting}
{Timber taking a break}

Timber waited patiently while I videoed the tracks

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